Ethics 1 – Setting the Scene

To set the scene, these events happened in the early ‘90s. There was no internet, no email, and precious few mobile phones. A reporter relied upon a contacts book, a knock on the door, and a good supply of 10p pieces for the phone box.

I was a reporter in the Chester district office of the Daily Post, published out of Liverpool. I was 28 years old and a senior reporter..

I was five years into my career as a reporter and by this time had done a great many ‘deathknocks’ – ie approaching the family of the recently-deceased for a story.

It was 4pm, getting towards the end of a normal 9-5 shift for the DP.

First update shortly.

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One thought on “Ethics 1 – Setting the Scene

  1. Reblogged this on Benlowndes and commented:
    This is one of a series of posts on journalism ethics by David Banks, who helped train me as a reporter at Trinity Mirror more than a decade ago.

    It runs until tomorrow and has started by covering the subject of ‘deathknocks’, depicting a scenario he encountered on the Liverpool Daily Post a couple of decades ago.

    Read on or join the conversation if you’re interested how journalists approach the various dilemmas posed such situations.

    You can comment on the blog or Twitter, using the hashtag #banksyethics.

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